Florida Small Business Alliance

We focus on the issues that matter most to our state's small businesses.

Making Health Care More Affordable -- The escalating costs and complexities of health care are crippling small businesses. We support fundamental reform to make quality care more affordable for businesses and employees. We support public-private partnerships that bring New Hampshire small businesses together to purchase health insurance at the same group rates offered to large corporations.

Reforming the BET -- The rising Business Enterprise Tax (BET) hits small businesses the hardest. It makes it costlier to hire more workers and make capital investments. The New Hampshire Small Business Alliance is working to reform the BET to help small businesses expand and compete.

Improving Education and Training -- A well-educated workforce is essential to a strong economy. We need higher standards and greater accountability from our public schools. By expanding vocational training and keeping tuition affordable at our state colleges, we can keep talented young people here in New Hampshire.

Helping Small Businesses Grow -- We believe it's vital the state work more closely with lenders to give small businesses greater access to capital. We also support Enterprise Zones that provide tax incentives for businesses to locate in communities facing plant shutdowns and economic transition.