Amendment 5: Good for Small Business and Good for Florida

Small businesses across Florida are coming together to support Amendment 5, a measure on the November 2nd ballot that will raise the minimum wage a dollar and tie future increases to inflation.

"Raising the minimum wage is the right thing to do for Florida," said Wendy Harris, owner of Harris Diner in Tallahassee. "It will elevate the standard of living for hundreds of thousands of Floridians while also giving an economic boost to our local communities. And that's just one of the reasons Amendment 5 is good for small business," Harris said.

Don't be fooled: raising the minimum wage a dollar will not lead to massive job loss or economic ruin for small business. Studies show that past minimum wage increases have not cost jobs. In fact, higher wages lead to greater worker productivity and lower turnover rates.

See why so many small businesses support Amendment 5 and join us in our effort to see it pass on November 2nd.

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