About the Florida Small Business Alliance

The Florida Small Business Alliance is changing the way our state's small businesses are heard and represented.

Established earlier this year, the Alliance is comprised of small business men and women who represent the full range of the small businesses community -- from flower shops to bookstores to accountants to high tech entrepreneurs.

Alliance members believe in moderate, sensible public policies that create quality Florida jobs, produce trained and educated workers, reform the health care system, simplify and keep taxes low, reduce regulation, preserve the environment and help small businesses compete against chain stores and large corporations.

Alliance members will be kept informed about local, state and national issues critical to small business and be called upon to testify at hearings, educate policymakers and the public and speak out in the media. In the coming months, additional membership benefits will be added like discounts on goods and services.

The Florida Small Business Alliance is a state chapter of the American Small Business Alliance.