The Main Building.


This is the room in the Main Building where we'll eat and gather. Out those windows is a deck which they will have covered so we can eat outside if we want.


Also inside the room is a piano, organ, stereo, games, tv and vcr (*Religious symbols and Christians not included).


The camp will have fruit and drinks out for us all day and night. They will make us lemonade AND iced tea (you can even mix them if you want!). A snack also will be provided, such as homemade chocolate chip cookies or watermelon (no, the watermelon is not homemade).


The campfire pit is where many s'mores will be eaten and where Randy will tell ghost stories that are certain to give the kids nightmares. If we want, the camp will even set up the fire for us (sorry, Allen, the camp is in California so you still are prohibited from being closer than 30 feet from any fire-making materials).


There are platforms if anyone wants to bring and set up their own tents. Yeah, right.


A stream runs through the camp. Jim, the camp leader, will teach the kids how to pan for gold (or gold painted rocks, as the case may be).


There is a big field nearby where we can play during the day or star gaze at night.


Here's camp director Jim getting a warning from Joey to keep an eye out for "a funny looking guy who claims he's a doctor at Kaiser."


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