President's Small Business Plan Comes Up Short

The President's recently announced "Small Business Agenda" features few new ideas and does little to benefit America's small businesses.

Rather than support a meaningful Patient's Bill of Rights and other measures to reduce the cost and complexity of health care, the President's plan creates a system that will bypass all state consumer protections. Instead of targeted tax relief for small business, the President's recent plan gives huge tax breaks -- even a retroactive roll-back -- to the country largest and least deserving corporations, including Enron. Meanwhile, the President has imposed a nearly 50% cut in the most popular loan program for small business.

"So far, this administration has been all about helping big business," said ASBA Executive Director Joel Marks. "And yet again, small businesses -- the primary job creators and the centerpiece of America's communities -- are left out in the cold."

Learn how ASBA has been working with Congress to pass a meaningful Patient's Bill of Rights and stay tuned for an in-depth analysis of the President's record on small business.