ASBA Encourages Businesses to 'Promote the Vote'

The American Small Business Alliance is teaming with Voteworks, a new non-partisan effort to encourage and support America's business leaders to take an active role in getting their employees, customers, vendors, business peers and local community members registered to vote, inspired to volunteer, educated on issues and candidates and, most importantly, turned out on Election Day 2004.

"The 2000 election taught us that every vote makes a difference," said Joel Marks, ASBA Executive Director. "So we're doing all we can to make sure that small business does it's part this time around."

More than 75 million eligible citizens failed to vote in the last presidential election.


MSBA Holds Statewide Forums on Dirigo Health

The Maine Small Business Alliance (MSBA) has held more than a dozen forums to educate and hear input from the state's small businesses about the new Dirigo Health Program. The forums also include state policymakers and government leaders.

"We want to make sure the voice of small business is heard and represented during this important process," said Deb Cook, MSBA's Executive Director, who has led forums throughout the state. "Maine is creating a model for health care reform that will be replicated throughout the country, and we take this responsibility very seriously."

In addition to holding these forums, MSBA is sending out informational mailings and email updates, plus has created a special section on its website on the Dirigo program. These activities were made possible thanks a grant from the Maine Health Access Foundation.

Though health care continues to be a top priority, the Maine chapter also has weighed in on other issues including education, tax reform, affordable housing and the environment.