American Small Business Alliance - Alaska
Radio spot

MALE ANNCR: A lot of politicians won't tell you where they stand on issues.

FEMALE ANNCR: And Frank Murkowski's no different.

MALE ANNCR: For example, he doesn't want you to know that he voted for some of the biggest cuts in education in history.

FEMALE ANNCR: And he doesn't want you to know he voted to give huge tax breaks to big corporations like Enron, but against extending benefits for unemployed workers.

MALE ANNCR: Or that he voted 8 times to raise his own pay, while voting 11 times against raising the minimum wage.

FEMALE ANNCR: And he certainly doesn't want you to know that he voted to privatize Social Security and cut Medicare funding for seniors.

MALE ANNCR: If you want to see the facts about where Frank Murkowski stands on issues that are important to educators, small businesses, seniors and working families, visit our website at

FEMALE ANNCR: And tell 'em the moose sent you.

MALE ANNCR: Paid for by American Small Business Alliance.