About ASBA

The ASBA is a national, non-profit education and advocacy organization dedicated to being a sensible voice for small business on public policy issues.

The ASBA - founded in 1996 - recognizes that small business is a primary engine driving that drives our economy, and that the face of American business has changed dramatically in the last few years. With this new diversity and expanded role for small business, the ASBA has emerged as a refreshing voice offering new ideas and a new brand of leadership.

The ASBA stands apart from other business organizations in many crucial ways. We represent business people not as Democrats, Republicans, or Independents, but rather as practical people who want sensible business solutions. We're finding that more business people are dissatisfied with the partisan, employer-vs.-employee, us-vs.-them mentality espoused by other groups. An increasing number now look to the ASBA to represent their needs and interests.

The ASBA and its members believe in creating a productive workplace by investing in education, worker training and technology. ASBA supports health care reform and reasonable environmental standards, and continually listens and responds to the ever-changing voice of the small business community.

Our Mission

The ASBA believes in a forward-looking, responsible approach to business and public policy issues that unleash entrepreneurial spirit and make business more competitive in this new economy. The ASBA believes that the best way to achieve this is by:

· Creating a workplace that fosters healthy and productive workers;
· Investing in education, new technology, worker training and infrastructure;
· Making health care affordable, easily available and better quality;
· Supporting reasonable health, safety and environmental standards;
· Finding balanced solutions on other issues such as taxes and regulatory reform

Our Activities

National Advocacy
The ASBA has rapidly developed into a respected player in shaping public policy by lobbying Congress on a wide range of legislative issues. We also play a key role in representing small business on other fronts. ASBA members and staff sit on advisory boards on health care reform, for example, and provide technical assistance to other organizations.

Our legislative accomplishments include effective lobbying efforts on the Patient's Bill of Rights, education reform, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Y2K liability, CHIP (Child Health Insurance Program), Internet security, tax relief, and other business issues. We regularly bring small business owners to testify before Congress and appear at press events with Administration officials and Members of Congress.

Local Advocacy
The ASBA's efforts don't begin and end in Washington, DC. ASBA members, who hail from more than 35 states, are positioned to educate their local governments on pertinent business issues. As the ASBA grows, we plan to extend our grassroots effort to the state and local levels.

Small Business Network
The ASBA Small Business Network mobilizes ASBA members, supporters and other organizations from across the country into effective advocates on behalf of important business issues. Through Legislative Updates and Action Alerts via fax and email, the ASBA keeps those in the Network informed on issues of the day and ready to quickly organize around those issues.

The ASBA sponsors meetings, workshops, conferences and seminars aimed at promoting an understanding of worker and workplace issues and their impact on both businesses and employees. A speaker's bureau, providing members with the opportunity to speak to the public and media, is another education tool of the ASBA.

Our Publications

The ASBA distributes a bi-annual Voter's Guide that rates every Member of Congress on their voting record on small business issues such as education and training, global competition, health care reform and taxes. Throughout the year, the ASBA publishes its newsletter, ASBA Agenda, that updates members, supporters, other business organizations and Members of Congress on issues and activities. The newsletter also includes profiles of members, tips on running a better business and a message from our Executive Director.

In addition, the ASBA distributes press releases, legislative alerts and other materials for use by members, the media, other organizations and key public policy leaders in Washington and throughout the country.