Education and Training

As global competition escalates, America's ability to stay ahead depends on our having the best-educated and best-trained workers in the world. Many companies are doing their part by encouraging and financially assisting employees who want to expand their education and training both inside and outside the workplace.

But that's just one small piece of the puzzle. Education and training are lifetime commitments that start with our youngest citizens. That's why we support establishing national educational standards, fully funding Head Start and the school lunch program, ensuring the availability and affordability of a college education and expanding opportunities for vocational training.

Sadly, these were the programs that were most under attack in this last Congress. While we endorse the goal of responsible reductions in government spending, we reject attempts to make these cuts at the expense of successful education, training and nutrition programs. Educating our children and training our workers should be among our top priorities.

Restoring Funding for Education and Worker Training Programs (yes)
The Specter-Harkin-Wellstone amendment (to H.R. 3019) restores $3.1 billion in proposed cuts to such key programs as Goals 2000, School-to-Work, Vocational and Adult Education, Head Start, Drug Free Schools, Summer Jobs, One Stop Career Centers, Assistance to Dislocated Workers and Perkins College Loans. The measure passed, 84-16 (3/12/96).

Restoring Funding for Student Loan Program (yes)
Student loans were another of Congress' areas of attack. When the initial budget called for major cuts, Sen. Snowe introduced an amendment (to S. Con. Res. 13) to restore $9.4 billion of that funding. The measure passed, 67-32 (5/25/95).

Cutting Federal Research Budget (no)
We view investments in science and research as part of our investment in education. While more research should be and is being conducted by the private sector, this bill (H.R. 2405) would cut too much away from the federal government's commitment. The measure passed, 248-161 (10/12/95)

Cutting Funding for Education and Worker Training (no)
This House appropriations bill (H.R. 2127) significantly cut funding for education, school lunches, drug-free schools, college loans and worker training programs. The measure passed, 219-208 (8/4/95).

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